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This module provides customer administration functions such as customer registration, phone connection and disconnection, billing enquiry etc. It offers an unprecedented level of flexibility whereby virtually any business requirement can be configured to meet the client's needs and customer administration processes can easily follow in line with changing businesses.

The configuration of Customer Administration provides control over:

  • The Market segments addressed
  • Types of customers, accounts and network services used
  • Relationship between customers, accounts and network services
  • Processes used by operators for customer administration
  • Privileges available to customer administration operators.

All of this configuration can be performed without code changes and can be performed on line without any need to shutdown or restart the system. This allows the system to rapidly respond to the changing needs of business. It also provides the opportunity to prototype the business processes before fully implementing the systems, thus ensuring an accurate and efficient configuration.

A dependency can be made between the different processes so that the customer care representative is forced to perform a work task in a particular order.