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The Billing Manager allows the generation of invoices and statements. It provides the following:

  • Multiple bill formats
  • Multiple bill cycles
  • Account hierarchies with account roll up
  • Multiple global discounts
  • Multiple taxes and tax rates
  • Bill Viewer

Professor Calcuset allows charges to be rolled up in an account structure. This is defined by setting the status of an account to 'Billable' or 'Statement Only'. The system will then accumulate all of the charges below the level of this definition ensuring that each charge is only included in one invoice but may be included in multiple statements.

Tariff Mangement

The Billing module is able to manage an unlimited number of tariff plans. Each tariff plan identifies a coherent set of tariffs for every service on offer. Each tariff plan may have a number of versions over time, allowing new versions to be created in advance. Each tariff plan may hold an unlimited number of fixed charges(non-network related) and usage charges(network usage related). Each fixed charge includes the following parameters.

  • The period covered by the charge.
  • The number of installments
  • Advance/arrears charging basis
  • Amount charged
  • Initial and final charges
  • Charging events (e.g. connection, disconnection)
  • Eligible tax
  • Eligible discount
  • Eligible ledger

Discount Management

The Billing Module is able to manage an unlimited number of global volumes discount. Each discount may cover a range of tariffs, tariff plans and accounts. A discount may be awarded on the basis of invoiced amount, calls made, unit used or call duration. Discounts may be awarded at the top level of an account hierarchy based on the activity in lower level accounts.

Tax Management

The Billing Module is able to manage an unlimited number of taxes. Each tax may have an unlimited number of rates over time, each with an effective date range. Every tariff will identify which tax is applicable to it.

Bill Cycle

Any number of Bill cycles may be defined, each with it's own billing period. Each account is assigned to a bill cycle allowing the billing workload to spread across the month. For each bill run performed within a cycle, the run results may be inspected, rolled back and rerun any number of times, until committed to the ledger. The bill cycle manager allows:

  • Unlimited bill cycles
  • User definable billing periods
  • Assignment of individual accounts to bill cycles
  • Account hierarchies
  • Bill run rollback

One remarkable aspect of Professor Calcuset configuration' is that changes can be performed without changing the code and can be performed on line without the need to shutdown and restart the system.